Rental Testimonials 2020


3 Bedroom Direct Ocean Penthouse

Located at 1 Hotel South Beach

Rented 131 nights for $236,000


3 Bedroom Ocean Front Condo

Located at 1 Hotel South Beach

Rented 37 nights for $71,000


2 Bedroom Ocean View Condo

Located at The Setai in Miami Beach

Rented 37 nights for $71,000

Our 2, 3, and 4 bedroom condos are 100% occupied through March and April of 2021. Most of our one bedrooms are also at 100% occupancy, with sporadic nights available here and there.

Owner Goals

Many owners come to us with goals in mind. By offering personalized services we have the flexibility to work with each owner to the degree they desire. Here is a list of goals we strive to achieve as a company. Each owner has different goals and desires in mind, we work with each on a personalized basis.

  • Maximize Revenue Potential

  • Maintain High Rental Rates

  • Maintain High Occupancy

  • Achieve High Ratings - 5 Stars

  • High Conversion Rates

  • Maintain Properties in Good Condition 

Successful Results

There is an initial on-boarding process to start working with Five Star Luxury Travel. Our local team helps owners through this process to ensure properties meet our standards. This can involve an array of things ranging from bringing in top-of-the-line toiletries, linens, towels and small appliances.